Courses Taught

Intellectual Freedom and Censorship [Knox IF Sample Syllabus]

Information Ethics  [Knox Info Ethics Sample Syllabus]

Information Policy [Knox Info Policy Sample Syllabus]

Information Organization and Access

Libraries, Information, and Society

Social Aspects of Information Technology

Reference and Information Services

I have been rated ten times as a “Teacher Ranked as Excellent” during my time at Illinois. This is because I ensure there is a safe and dynamic atmosphere in my classrooms. For example, I encourage students to let me know they disagree with me in class as I have found that they are then more willing to speak up in discussion. I also encourage students to think critically about both the field of library and information science and the information institutions in which they will work.

For example, students will ask me about institutional policies they believe are unjust. I always remind them that, although policies might have differential impact and be against professional codes of ethics or even harm those with less power in society, it is best to implement a particular policy and then seek change through appropriate channels.

There are seldom easy answers to students’ questions, but I encourage them to be mindful of the ethical underpinnings of policies and to use this understanding to bring change.

Photo Credit: Janet Eke